Friday, September 7, 2007


Dead Ends are no doubt the most proeminent and prolific pinoy punk/hardcore band from the eighties...
Complaints, their 1985 debut album, a milestone in the Philippine punk history. Melodic and strong tunes.

Second Coming, 1986. It became obvious their sound were massively influenced by the Dead Kennedy's.

Second Coming lyric sheet. The rip was made from the tape re-issued in the nineties.
Damned Nation, 1987 third album. Leaning towards H/C, songs are getting shorter, faster and more focused. The band were at their peak of their musical carreer.

Their fourth album "Mamatay Sa Ingay" ( "killed by Noise" if i'm correct ) is kinda strange, their sound were evolving towards Thrash Metal or Crossover, as that tendency was followed by many bands in the late eighties. The peculiar Dead Ends sound is still recognizable, especially Al Dimalanta's vocals, nice guitar work also, but it seems that effort had been wasted by a really bad mix. There's the possibility to upload that album if requested, but it's really disappointing (Imho) compared to their previous works.
Later on, some members went to play on the Pinoy Rock outfit Rizal Underground, Al Dimalanta and Dennis Maniego from Private Stock went to form Throw in 2000. Throw plays hardcore and are still active to this day.


Mark said...

kindly upload the album "Mamatay sa ingay" if you wouldn't mind..

Free Spirit said...

Dead Ends... in my opinion, the best band in local punk history. Technically adept, creative, prlific, intelligent, and writes songs that make sense. They are also not afraid to go against the grain. Definitely not just another punk band. And probably, the most covered band in Pinoy punk. So many new bands mention D.E. as their main influence. Thanks for this page (although I already have their albums). Salamat sa pag-document ng local punk para sa mga kabataan na hindi inabutan ang era na yon. Great work! Pero bakit walang Urban Bandits? That band is another favorite of mine.

One more thing, I respectfully disagree with your assessment of "Mamatay sa Ingay". I love that album. Yes, it's not straightforward punk or hardcore, but that's the beauty of it all. Hindi sila natakot sumubok ng ibang tunog. And pakinggan mo ang lyrics! Lyric-wise, that album is probably the best among the four. Eto na!!!! Hahaha. Salamat ulit.

weirdman said...

would you please reupload 'complaints' and 'second coming' to sendspace? thank you

zak said...


TheClockWorks said...

Good lord! I love this band. Dumadating pulis pag tugtog nila laging may rambol. May magsusuntukan, after ng song peace na. The most dangerous moshpit i have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Al gave me one of his DIY shirt last month