samedi 22 novembre 2014

Siekiera ‎– Na Wszystkich Frontach Świata CD - 2008 / Atak 7''ep - 1998

 Siekiera ‎– Na Wszystkich Frontach Świata CD
 W Moich Oczach ‎– ML 8 - 2008

Official discography from the polish terror unit Siekiera.
Contains their 1984 demo and various live recordings.
The sound had been completely cleaned and remastered compared to their previous unofficial releases.
Siekiera music is primitive, dark minimalist hard core punk who      sounds like no other. Their lyrics were somewhat elusive and poetic, probably a mean to avoid problems with censorship commissions as it was the case with rock bands behind the iron curtain.

Siekiera - Atak 7"ep
Bootleg - 1998

For documental purposes, here's the "Atak" seven inch bootleg.
Lots of surface noise...

dimanche 16 novembre 2014

Blaze - But Nothing Ever Change 7"ep 1992

  Blaze - But Nothing Ever Change 7"ep
  Sakuragi Record  SR-01 - 1992

Arguably one of the best hardcore seven inch coming from Japan during the nineties. Tight drumming, shredding guitars and rabid vocals combined into solid tunes.
This almost flawless record was self released by the band and pressed at 500 copies as stated on the back cover.

 Ripped at 320kpbs including complete scans of the sleeve and  

mercredi 12 novembre 2014

Kontraorden - self titled 7"ep 1997

Kontraorden - self titled 7"ep 1997

Kontraorden were from Medellin, Colombia. This is their first release. Six songs of fast and energic, rough yet melodic latino-core.
They went on a more post-punk and experimental approach with their later releases, like their 1999 second 7inch "Copia".