dimanche 26 octobre 2014

Deep Throat - 密会 7''ep - 1992

Deep Throat - 密会 7"ep
MCR-051 - 1992

Known as the "Mikkai" ep, Deep Throat first and only record except a few tracks on different compilations. Mid tempo dark metallic hardcore with a slight GISM influence, not as crazy or radical but still enjoyable if you're into that kind of sound.


jeudi 23 octobre 2014

Herald X - Alternative Music Read n°1 - 1987

From Manila, Philippines, Herald X was an underground publication which unfortunately lasted for only two issues. It was a neatly designed newsprint magazine produced by the people from Twisted Red Cross records.
Featuring the major bands of the first Philippine punk wave, Urban Bandits, Betrayed, Wuds, Dead Ends, G.I. & The Idiots, Third World Chaos...  You can connect the dots. Also a lenghty article about the Dead Kennedys reprinted from MRR, considering that the access to this kind of information was quite appreciated in this part of the world back then.
By reading between the lines, this punk rag can give you an insight about the political and cultural context from the country during the eighties. Full scan here:


dimanche 19 octobre 2014

The Mobs - Resurrection 12''lp - 1985

The Mobs - Resurrection 12"lp
Advance Records - AVR-L001 - 1985

Weird album, this is going in all directions, there's elements of punk, metal, goth music, some keyboards, flanged bass, glam & kitsch vocals and choruses... But the Mobs managed to pull out a cohesive ensemble thanks to good musical skills and solid songwriting.
They also took advantage of the effects and technology available in a recording studio at that time. A versatile and carefully produced record, enjoy it in full detail here:


Not sure if its actually The Mobs playing there, but it features the last song from "Resurrection" and the crowd dancing is quite funny...