jeudi 29 janvier 2015

Condense - Air CD ep - 1993

Condense - Air CD ep
Pandemonium Records - PAN 002 - 1993

French post-hardcore band who left a strong and long-lasting impression amid the local scene during the 90s. Musicwise, it could sound like latter Black Flag stuff mixed with Touch & Go noise rock, think Shellac or Jesus Lizard...
But still, Condense had enough personality to keep their stuff interesting and original, especially in the guitar department. Great production value soundwise.

dimanche 25 janvier 2015

Fuck Geez - No Way To Escape! 12''lp - 1989

 Fuck Geez - No Way To Escape! 12''lp
 MCR-025lp - 1989

15 songs from these punk-rock veterans, their first full-length after a slew of seven inches, flexis and compilation tracks. Here the band reached some maturity with well written and crafted songs. The only problem is that half of the record is filler material, unnecessary live cuts, a pointless reggae jam, a Spermbirds cover... still, this record is worth listening for the remaining 9 tunes. I believe that Fuck Geez ceased their activities as a band in the early 90s.


dimanche 18 janvier 2015

Dawson - Terminal Island 12''lp - 1994

Dawson - Terminal Island 12''lp
Gruff Wit 008 - Trottel Records TR08 - 1994

Third and last album from this scottish band, this one was a bit hard to find compared to their previous records, problems of distribution maybe.  What's inside the grooves:  
Dawson’s sound is Scot post-punk, scratchy-guitar licks,
 funky bass lines & tight faced paced drums. 
First album was previously posted here,
and second album can be found on this blog entry. 
Wrapped under a Martin Parr picture, includes all inserts.