mercredi 17 décembre 2014

Head Washer ‎- ギニーピッグ 7"flexi - 1989

Head Washer ‎- ギニーピッグ 7"flexi
殺害塩化ビニール ‎– ONO-444 - 1989

The "Guinea Pig" flexi from Head Washer, looks and sound very similar to KyoakuKyojindan, might be some sort of side project.
Features again The Crazy SKB on guitar. Recommended if you're into demented noisy, sick and disjointed experimental hard core punk. Washer - Angry Kyoakukyojindan-7-ep-flexi-1989-zip

dimanche 14 décembre 2014

v.a. - Headscrew, a Manchester punk/hardcore compilation 7"flexi - 1994

v.a. - Headscrew, a Manchester punk/hardcore compilation 7"flexi
Refusenik records - 1994

This little flexi collects nine songs from four mancunian HC punk bands, Pigpile, Amberjacks, Kitchener and Stretch.
Its also serves as a memory  and tribute to a DIY squatt situated in the crescents of Hulme, a Manchester housing project that went wrong during the 80s, and went wild during the 90s, as a living ground for punks, ravers, drug addicts and various social outcasts.
The squat and the housing projects are no more nowadays.
Kitchener were a great band, playing fast, intricate political hardcore, this flexi was the the first release of the Refusenik label, check also their mandatory "the boredom & the bullshit" compilation, which gives a good overview of the DIY UKHC scene of the mid 90s.

jeudi 11 décembre 2014

Lip Cream - Lip Cream 12"lp 1989

Lip Cream - Self Titled 12"lp
Selfish Records ‎- BEL-12037, Dynamite Records ‎- DD-008 - 1989

Fourth and last full lenght album from these japanese hardcore stalwarts. Certainly their best effort in terms of songwriting and production. This record kicks ass from start to finish.
I removed those annoying dialog intros between the songs so the album keeps a better flow during its 27 minutes.
320kbps. Play loud.