dimanche 19 octobre 2014

The Mobs - Resurrection 12''lp - 1985

The Mobs - Resurrection 12"lp
Advance Records - AVR-L001 - 1985

Weird album, this is going in all directions, there's elements of punk, metal, goth music, some keyboards, flanged bass, glam & kitsch vocals and choruses... But the Mobs managed to pull out a cohesive ensemble thanks to good musical skills and solid songwriting.
They also took advantage of the effects and technology available in a recording studio at that time. A versatile and carefully produced record, enjoy it in full detail here:


Not sure if its actually The Mobs playing there, but it features the last song from "Resurrection" and the crowd dancing is quite funny...

jeudi 16 octobre 2014

Blemish On Society - The New Beginning 7''ep - 1988

Blemish On Society - The New Beginning 7''ep
Kickboot Records - 1988

10 songs played within 16 minutes crammed onto seven inches of plastic, that's value for money. Blemish On Society were a small american band who started their musical carreer in Roanoke, Virginia around 1983 and later relocated in Florida. They only released a demo and this 7" mini album before falling in oblivion.
Their sound is heavily influenced by U.K. anarcho punk,
 think Rudimentari Peni,
filtered through classic old school U.S. hardcore.
Not hyped by any means but definitely worth listening.

mercredi 8 octobre 2014

The Hochihminh Rocks ‎– The Front Base / Meltdown 7''flexi - 1989

The Hochihminh Rocks ‎
The Front Base / Meltdown 7''flexi
Thrill Records - 1989

Cool looking artwork for this flexi single, an AK-47 and a M-16 armalite crossed over a
radioactive trefoil symbol, might be an allegory for the cold war, the Berlin wall did not yet collapse when this record was released.

According to the inside pictures the band seem to have a pacifist and anti-nuclear stance.
Musicwise, here is two songs of energic up-tempo punk rock with tight drumming, solid guitars and catchy melodic hooks.
Give it  a try: