Thursday, April 30, 2015

Original Disease - Is Damparis Burning?! - tape - 1993

Original Disease
Is Damparis Burning?!
Tape - 1993

Thought it was a demo but this is a liveboard recording from this French melodic HC band. Sound quality is fairly decent here.
Thought it would be a total snoozefest but the songs are quite listenable. For the record, Original Disease included some former members from Final Blast.
They released a three song 7"ep in 1988 and a 21 song live tape on the Polish label QQRYQ in 1991.
For archival purposes or for the casual adventurous listener.

ulozto/original disease - is damparis burning?! tape -1993

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Honey Deep Wet! - 1st. 7'' flexi ep - 1986

Honey Deep Wet! - 1st. 7'' flexi ep
Cage Records - op-003 - 1986

High class original punk rock with female vocals. First song is Tokyo Auschwitz while the flip could be translated as "Beautiful boys".
Honey Deep Wet! had supposedly political lyrics, can't tell you more on the subject.
They had two other songs aside this flexi on the Cage Omnibus Sampler with Real, No Lip and MerryGoRound...

ulozto/honey deep wet! -1st 7"flexi -1986

Sunday, April 26, 2015

v.a. - Northwest Hardcore tape - 1988

Northwest Hardcore compilation tape
Media Blitz Production - 1988

Good tape including loads of Portland bands, 
early demo stuff from Spazztic Blurr, Wehrmacht, Melvins... 
and lots of obscure American HC. Decent sound quality overall. 
25 bands, 28 songs. Full tracklist here.  
Media Blitz still exist to this day seemingly producing videos.