Thursday, March 26, 2015

Charm - Hito & Shikami 7''ep - 2000/2004

Charm - Side from Charm / Galvanize Head split7''
Dan-Doh Records 020 - 1999

Charm - Hito 7''
Coalition Records - 2000

Charm - Hikami 7'' ep
625 Thrashcore - 625137 - 2004

Uncomplete early discography from this Tokyo crazy savage thrashcore unit. Their sound aged quite well compared to most of these Y2K thrash revival bands.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

v.a. - Pilipinas Thrash Detonation tape - 2010

v.a. - Pilipinas Thrash Detonation tape
Still Ill - Still Ill 001 - 2010

13 bands, 26 six songs from contemporary Filipino bands. Mostly of the fastcore and sometimes grind variety. It was supposed to be part of some 625 thrash compilation project gathering South-East Asian bands but the project never saw the light of day.
The Still Ill label took the matter in his own hands and released 200 copies of this tape for the domestic market, which provides a good overview of the local DIY scene.


Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Middle Rocker - Crazy Hear 8'' flexi - 1985

The Middle Rocker - Crazy Hear 8''flexi
Club The Star Records - CSR1002- 1985

Middle of the road japanese punk rock, i can imagine them playing in an half empty livehouse while its raining outside. A couple of catchy songs though... Released on the Star Club's record label.